sophisticated and artfully themed dining and drinking

The Concept

Som Chai presents Thai cuisine interpreted through the imaginative use of locally sourced ingredients not often used in Indonesian cooking. With a menu derived from a diverse range of regional cooking styles, Som Chai encompasses the very essence of excellent Thai food and pays homage to an ancient, forgotten era: the era of the first Kings of Siam. The restaurant accommodates 80 guests per seating.

Dinner Menu

Let us take you through the Som Chai Journey

Experience our menu, using local ingredients with Thai flavors, highlighting organic raised meats, working with fishermen from Sumba and gathering vegetables from our Mengwi gardens…


  • Coffee wood smoked mackerel
    with jeow bong relish dried shrimp flat leaf coriander ginger and fish roe
  • Chicken satay
    marinated with coconut milk curry powder served with peanut sauce
  • Pineapple and rose apple “ma hors”
    served with caramelized chicken coriander and peanut
  • Minced fish cakes
    pounded with red curry paste lime leaf long beans and coconut milk served with pickle cucumbers red chill and shallot
  • Grilled half shell scallops
    with flying fish roe Thai basil young coconut and green nahm jihm
  • “Moo ping” grilled pork skewers
    marinade in coconut milk palm sugar white pepper and coriander served with “nahm jihm jaw”
  • Crispy taco’s
    with shredded chicken coconut beansprouts egg pickled cucumber and sweet chili sauce
  • “Si krok Isaan”
    sour minced pork served with pickled ginger peanuts green chili shallots fresh vegetables
  • “Lon poo kem”
    farm raised chicken finely minced and picked Borneo crab simmered in coconut milk tamarind and served with shredded green mango sliced chili & sliced shallots
  • “Jin Som Mok Kai”
    fermented pork with lightly beaten eggs wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over char coal served with organic vegetables and nam prik ta deang
  • Angus beef tartar
    with ”nam prik narok” quail egg yolk mint lemongrass roasted rice and seaweed crackers
  • Chiang Mai black pig sausages
    served with “nam prik num” “ nam prik ong” pork cracking sticky rice and organic cooked vegetables from our Mengwi garden
  • Soft shell crab “miang kham”
    with chili shallots dried coconut peanuts and sweet fish sauce


  • Chiang Mai chicken larb
    with hill tribe spices flat leaf coriander lemongrass Vietnamese mint and crispy chicken skin
  • Poached mackerel
    with lemongrass lime leaf green mango Thai basil fish roe and roasted chili and shallot
  • Crispy soft shell crab
    som tam green apple sweet corn carrot tomato and lime juice
  • “Ko moo yang”
    grilled pork neck with an Isaan cucumber heirloom tomato som tam and somen noodles
  • Grilled prawn and pomelo salad
    with palm heart lemongrass shallot kencur organic flower mint and red nahm jihm
  • “Nam doc” grilled beef
    with red onion mint flat leaf coriander beef floss roasted rice and chili lime dressing
  • Smoked duck
    with watermelon ginger and with banana blossom lime leaf mint
  • Thai basil crispy fish
    and roasted chili shallot dressing
  • “Yam pla duk fu”
    with prawns green mango lemongrass dried shrimp peanuts and crispy fish crumbs

Noodles, rice and sides

  • Pad Thai omelet
    with dried shrimp banana blossom sweet radish egg garlic chives and a sweet tamarind sauce
  • “Pad see ew”
    of minced beef with kale chili garlic flat rice noodles holy basil and sriracha sauce
  • Stir fry pumpkin
    with asparagus shimeji mushrooms black bean and garlic
  • Stir fry vegetables
    from our Mengwi garden with Thai basil and chili
  • Stir fry bitter gourd
    with chili green shallot and egg


  • “Tom kha” or ”Tom yam” of seafood
    with galangal lemongrass shimeji mushrooms daun kelor flat leaf coriander lime juice and chili oil
  • Bamboo “hor mok” snapper
    marinated in red curry paste with coconut milk kaffir lime and Thai basil
  • “Gai Yang”
    grilled baby chicken served with sticky rice and Isaan papaya salad
  • Twice cooked lamb shank
    simmered in a rich southern Thai curry and grilled over coconut husks served with pickled green chili and pickled cucumber
  • Crispy barramundi
    with pineapple holy basil lime leaf and three flavors sauce
  • Salt baked barramundi
    stuffed with lemon basil lemongrass fresh dill and nam pla prik
  • Steamed whole fish Phuket style
    with pounded fresh chili asam potong Asian celery and “teow cheow”


  • “Gaeng gari”
    spiced yellow curry of braised pork with potato and pickled cucumber
  • “Gaeng kiew wan”
    green curry of chicken with choko baby corn long bean and Thai basil
  • “Gaeng pa”
    jungle curry of slow cooked smoked duck with wild ginger bamboo gourd flat leaf coriander and holy basil
  • “Southern pad phet”
    of dry yellow curry with king prawns palm heart kaffir lime and coconut milk
  • “Massaman”
    an aromatic curry with 48 hours braised short rib beef with roasted long chili shallot and peanuts
  • Panang curry of beef cheek
    with peanut red chili kaffir lime leaf and Thai basil
  • Central Thailand “gaeng choo chee”
    of king prawns with kaffir lime Thai basil and coconut cream

Stir Fries

  • Stir fry fermented pork mince
    with vermicelli noodles lamtoro seeds and egg
  • Stir fry picked crab
    with scrambled egg cabbage and green shallots
  • Pork and prawn clay pot
    with vermicelli noodles Sichuan peppercorns ginger and fresh coriander
  • “Pad prik pao”
    of chicken with kaffir lime long bean sweet corn Thai basil and chili jam
  • “Pad ped pla”
    stir fried crispy fish with red curry wild ginger lime green peppercorn and Thai basil
  • “Pad prik king”
    of red curry salted pork with baby corn long beans and holy basil
  • Stir fry prawns
    with pong gari spices coconut milk egg ginger and Asian celery<


  • Open pandan cake
    stuffed with sticky rice coconut jelly mango and palm sugar caramel
  • Durian rum baba
    with coconut ice cream golden threads & sesame
  • Jasmine scented tapioca
    with fresh mango candied fruit & peanut praline ice cream
  • Duck egg custard
    with coconut meringue & salted caramel ice cream
  • Mango parfait
    with three flour scented sticky rice & kalamansi
  • Palm sugar and pumpkin custard
    with shredded coconut cake & chai tea ice cream
  • Sample plate
    of Chef’s selection dessert